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Reasons why we can say for sure we experienced a Brandiva appearance tonight

  • He said “fuck (ing)” at least three times
  • He didn’t take his jacket off cause bitches ain’t getting that if they’re not screaming
  • Such a sarcastic little bitch
  • “real fucking exciting yeah”
  • Mad faces mad faces everywhere
  • “No crowd, no encore lol bye”

Yayyy the starts shirt is baaack!! man, it’s lovely and so cool and I want it for myself

ughh A Matter of Time is so good i can’t even

“It’s the fucking Rolling Stones,” says Brandon Flowers as he hands over Best Music Film to Ronnie Wood for ‘Crossfire Hurricane’.

(via it-might-be-turquoise)

they’re beautiful talented human beings and i’m so so sooo proud of them